HAM Club (NARC)  Tour of Penn State Power Plant #2

12 July 2016

The members gather before the tour.

pp2 01

pp2 a1

Water purification

pp2 02

Back end of the heat exchanger

pp2 03

Our tour guide in the control room

pp2 04

The Jet Engine that produces 7 Megawatts of electric power. The waste heat produces steam that heats the campus. Jet runs on natural gas.

pp2 05

The heat exchanger to the left of the Jet Engine

pp2 06

Me in front of the Jet Engine

pp2 07

Diesel Fuel storage for diesel back up generators

pp2 08

The Switch House where the flow of power is switched (remotely) and our other tour guide.

pp2 09

pp2 10

Back of Beaver Stadium scoreboard from the Power Plant

pp2 11