Trip to Columbia, MD to visit friends and relatives

28 April to 1 May 2017


Before the trip there was an Interfaith Initiative of Centre Co Panel discussion.

panel IMG 20170427 190052325

One of the speakers was Fujiko Signs who had this pix of us taken to send to a mutual friend in Japan.

fujico and me2 IMG 20170427 204246

I visited Pam and George who I had worked with before retirement.

pam george IMG 20170428 114329168

I visited Cousin Jill and her Mom Dot and her brother Henry. Unfortunately the pix at a restaurant did not come out.

I had dinner with Dave Parmerly and his wife.We forgot to take a pix inside the Kings Contrivance Restaurant. This pix was outside in the dark.

jeff n dave FullSizeRender

I visited the Columbia Society.

col soc 1 IMG 20170430 100030050

col soc 2 IMG 20170430 123523683

I got to visit my former neighbor of 22 yrs Harry Lis.

I went to the National Cryptologic Museum. The "real" RISSMAN  system (which had been there) was missing. In its place were this "life size" pix.

hrb1 IMG 20170501 093251694

HRB Singer built this system in the '70s . I hope the real system comes back when they move into a new museum building.

hrb2 IMG 20170501 093348538