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Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:

Xmas already? Where has the year gone? Again I am e-mailing my Xmas letter to anyone I have an e-mail address for since I can get in more pix and they look better. I’m still sending cards and color letters to the pre-computer folks on my card list. I’m also posting my letter on my web site. The site has grown with more pix from 2017 activities. My site is: . This letter will also be there.

02 all of us IMG 20170408The road trip adventures contained in my new Volvo. In April I drove out to NJ to my Niece’s house for my grand Nephew Hunter’s 1st birthday party. Pix of Niece Amy, Hunter, and me. I also got to see all my siblings and most of my nieces and nephews and all of my grand-nieces, nephews. Pix of all the siblings:



03 joyce stephenOn the way there I stopped in King of Prussia for lunch with Stephen and Joyce Mershon.

At the end of April I made a trip to Columba, MD where I used to live. I had not been there for 10 years, Lots of changes.

I visited with old work colleagues Pam and George who I worked with my last years in the MD Raytheon office. 001 pam george IMG 20170428 114329168



002 jeff n dave FullSizeRenderI also got to see Dave Parmerly who I worked with at HRB back in State college.


I visited cousins Henry and sister Dot and daughter Jill (the pix did not turn out).

04 col soc 2 IMG 20170430


I visited the CS Society folks and met for lunch.






Forth Fest 4th of July fireworks was much better weather this year.06 4th 09 IMG 20170704


05 af08 IMG 20170715I went to the Arts Festival with friends helping me up the hills.






07 ham sm IMG 20170318


The HAM’s shut down another breakfast place this year: Denny’s. We now meet at Perkins.


There are still lots of retiree lunches as no one has much to do. I’m still playing bridge during the day every other week. I read all the Charles Todd, Bess Crawford Mystery books.



The Suffolk Adventure Unlimited web site 08 tg1 IMG 20171123  is still up with more pix coming. I’ve continued fooling around with C on the Arduino and PIC microprocessors.

On Thanksgiving the church crowd pigged out again at the Penn Stater Hotel Thanksgiving buffet. Turkey grown by Penn State—very good.

Work on the family tree continues. The tree has over 800 people in it. This year I found great-great-great grandparents on both sides. Some relatives go back to 1600’s in Germany.

For my Penn State Alum friends check out this site in support of Joe Paterno:

Give me a call and let me know what you're up to.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,