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Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:


It's Xmas again! Where has the year gone? Again I am e-mailing my Xmas letter to anyone I have an e-mail address for since I can get in more pix and they look better. I’m still sending cards and color letters to the pre-computer folks on my card list. I’m also posting my letter on my web site. The site has grown with more pix from 2018 activities. My site is: . This letter will also be there.

The road trip adventures containued in my new Volvo. In April I drove out  once again to NJ to my Niece’s house for my grand Nephew Hunter’s 2nd birthday party and new grand-nephew Fletcher's Christening.  I also got to see most of my siblings and most of my nieces and nephews and all of my grand-nieces, nephews.

 nj04 IMG 20180407 155828192 Birthday Boy Hunter


 christ crop 31437376 994576827375216 8587754071463559168 o Priest, Daddy, Fletcher, Amy, Godfather Eric, and Godmother

 nj02 IMG 20180406 203019157

 Lin Eric Me and Lori 



 sibl crop L1010101  The Siblings less Russell (left).  The Christening party was on the second floor of a restaurant so there were "a few" steps to climb. With lots of help I managed to climb this staircase.

 nj07 IMG 20180408 162146403


  I got to see Lou and Anita Miller on this trip. Lou and I started at HRB at the same time right out of college. I had not see him in 40 years.  nj03 IMG 20180407 120141031


 md3 IMG 20180616 133000909  In June I took a trip to Maryland to see relatives. Dot, cousin, me, Jill, and Henry (left) I also got to see Dave Parmerly and some Museums. MD has no full-serve gas stations so I got to pump gas for the first time in 10 yrs.

 md4 IMG 20180616 211845396

 md5 IMG 20180617 135308333

Museum of Industry, Baltimore


 This year the HAM club renovated their club house. The Grand re-opening was in June.  h5 IMG 20180526 104624757 HDR


 af08 IMG 20180714 120634764 HDR  af075 IMG 20180714 120820975 HDR Of course there was the usual Forth Fest fireworks and Arts Fest. I only got to half of Arts Fest this year. I did add to my mug collection and got the annual picture with the sand sculpture


 August was 2nd grand-nephew Fletcher's 1st birthday party and another trip to NJ  me fletch IMG 20180818 152906110 BURST001 nj11 IMG 20180818 171224259


 hv ps 2 IMG 20181012 104952307  

I bid on an old Heathkit High Voltage Adjustable power supply on e-Bay a few times and lost everytime. So I built a clone power supply based on a used Tektronix transformer. It uses tubes and the US does not manufacture tubes anymore so it has Chineese tubes. It outputs 0-500 volts at 100 ma, 0-negative 100 volts, and 12.6 volts.

Work on the family tree continues. The tree has over 1000 people in it. This year I found great great great great great great great (7-great) grandparents on one side. Some relatives go back to 1600’s in Germany.

For my Penn State Alum friends check out this site in support of Joe Paterno:


Give me a call and let me know what you're up to.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,