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Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:


Another year has gone by and it's time for the Xmas wrap up. Again I am e-mailing my Xmas letter to anyone I have an e-mail address for since I can get in more pix and they look better. I’m still sending cards and color letters to the pre-computer folks on my card list. I’m also posting my letter on my web site. The site has grown with more pix from 2019 activities. My site is: . 

Since it's almost winter I'll start with the first measurable snow on 24 Nov. It went away fast.


1st sno IMG 20191124 073717727 


nj06 IMG 20190407 091315913 HDRNicholas, Uncle Jeff, Fletcher (not screaming), Olivia, Hunter, Amy (Peyton not there)

nj04 IMG 20190407 082159218 BURST000 COVER TOPHunter and Fletcher The road trip adventures continued in my new Volvo. In April I drove out  once again to NJ to my Niece’s house for my grand Nephew Hunter’s 3rd birthday party.  I also got to see most of  my grand-nieces, nephews. 



In August I traveled to NJ again for Fletcher's 2nd birthday All the siblings were there (but not at the same time). 

 nj15 IMG 20190818 184557575 BURST000 COVER TOP

Birthday Boy (Who needs utensils?)


nj17 IMG 20190818 192416252 BURST000 COVER TOPSiblings: Me, James, Lori (Russell was there the day before)


 lou IMG 20190817 092350943 BURST001Me, Lou, Lou's grandson, Anita
r01 IMG 20191019 102854050Me at Robert Moses State Park

 In October the big trip was to my 50th High School Reunion on LI. My longest trip yet at 833 miles. I did not relish driving thru or near NYC. I went by way of NJ Stopping to visit Joyce and Stephen and Lou and Anita. Then up to LI across the Verrazzano bridge (still very scenic). The traffic was intense--how did I ever live there?

 I also had to go to visit the ocean. $8.00 to park off season!


At the reunion I saw a number of people I had not seen in 50 years! I also got to visit the old neighborhood and see how much it has changed.  homeroom gang IMG 20191019 211900672

The Home Room gang together again for the first time in 50 yrs.(R to L) Mike Schroder, Me, Gary Storm

r03 IMG 20191019 192656498Me, Don Brugal, Jackie Brugal Figpen, Maura Enright

 r14 IMG 20191020 134304552Me in front of a cut-away steam engine

 After the reunion I traveled home by way of Scranton PA visiting Steam-town. I was following my car GPS trying to avoid driving thru the Bronx. I was headed to the Throgs neck bridge, then up the east side of the Hudson, across at the Tapenzee Bridge, which was replaced by the Gov. Cuomo Bridge. In the “city” (Queens) the turns were close together and I took a wrong turn. The car did a re-route and I ended in places I have never been. Went past Yankee stadium and the old NYS pavilion from the worlds fair, on grand central pkwy, across the Robert Kennedy bridge, up Harlem river drive. Ended up on the G. Washington bridge and then Palisades pkwy (which was very nice scenery). Finally got to where I wanted to be near the Gov. Cuomo Bridge. Then I-87 and onto NY 17, a road I had traveled on several times between Rochester and LI as a student.

I stayed at the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Scranton. A very nice re-use of a historic building and ADA accessible.


r19 IMG 20191021 075907235Tiffini Glass Ceiling in main waiting room (now a restaurant for the hotel)


 fes03 IMG 20190704 212351569  fes07 IMG 20190704 214138820  Of course there was the usual Forth Fest fireworks. (there is a short movie clip on my web site)


This year Janice and Phil came to Arts Fest. We did all of Arts Fest this year. I did add to my mug collection and got the annual picture with the sand sculpture. More pix on my Web site)  af02 IMG 20190713 084346949 BURST000 COVERJanice and Phil (Janice and I went to RIT together)  af07 IMG 20190713 115357173 HDR


 old chair topper 090322 1826Chair topper on my old car lifting the wheelchair on top of the car.

chair topper fix IMG 20190530 071931177Repair to the failed printed circuit board (red jumper wire) Boards are not supposed to have failures like this.

conn sm IMG 20190521 073705934 Mystery connector (can you identify it?)

 I had an adventure with my chair topper this year. The chair topper carries my wheel chair on top of the car. I was at a deli for lunch, out of my car, closing the topper when it stopped (failed). The topper was half open, I could not open or close it. I could not drive the car that way. A friend helped me close the topper manually and put my chair in the car so I could drive home. This was my second topper and a redesign had been done poorly and was susceptible to failure when wet (who drives their car indoors?).

I went around and around with the manufacturer (Braun Ability) who knew of the problem but did not issue a recall. I could not get a clear answer if they had a redesigned repair part. So I redesigned the part myself. I learned how to use a free printed circuit board design tool. I had a printed circuit board manufactured. I could not get information about one of the connectors on the board from Braun so I ended up using the circuit board out of my old topper




Give me a call and let me know what you're up to.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,