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Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:

A whole year has gone by and NOTHING happened. Again I am e-mailing my Xmas letter to anyone I have an e-mail address for since I can get in more pix and they look better. I’m still sending cards and  letters to the pre-computer folks on my card list. I’m also posting my letter on my web site. The site has grown with more pix from activities. My site is: . 


This was the CLOSED YEAR. Everything was shut down. There was a small Fourth Fest. No Arts Fest. No family birthday party for Hunter in April. No family birthday party for Fletcher in August. No Grange Fair. No Ag Progress Days. No in-restaurant dining for a long time. No HAM picnic. A sort-of parade for Thanksgiving at Macy's. No Xmas show at Radio City. No First Night. And no ground hog day. We did have lots of fashion statements in Face Masks.

 R me mask 1 20201019 134554  R me mask 2 20201019 134630


They were going to cancel  the Fourth Fest with thousands gathering to see the fire works. Instead the volunteers put on 4 identical shows in different parts of town so you could go out into your yard and see the fireworks. My neighbor who started the Fourth Fest set off the fireworks from his farm close to me so I had a good view. 
aa1 IMG 20200704 213328191

aa2 IMG 20200704 213411639


 tg1 IMG 20201126 131459566  tg2 IMG 20201126 131510435 The Thanksgiving buffet at the Penn Stater Hotel was very different this year. They were going to cancel it but ended up doing a modified buffet. They served a relish plate for the table. Then a buffet line where staff filled your plate with food you pointed at. Then home-style plate of turkey and dressing and gravy for the table. Most of the folks I usually go to diner with were in lock down in retirement homes. The one person not locked down was afraid to go to a  restaurant so I ate alone. The food was good and the place was very empty compared to previous years. Desert was disappointing as you ordered one item off the menu. I usually sample one bite of each dessert on the buffet that looks good. No pumpkin pie.


The Volvo dealer in town shut down. Volvo expected me to drive 100 miles to get service and to have recalls fixed. This was ridiculous so I bought a new car. It turn out there are not a lot of station wagons available. An SUV is too tall and my Chair Topper would hit the garage door. So I bought a 2020 Audi A4 all-road quarto. It is very nice and has lots of bells and whistles. My favorite is adaptive cruise control. The car automatically follows the car in front at a safe distance. This will be great driving in traffic from Philly to the NJ Turnpike.

 car IMG 20200827 141347294


 a3 20201015 163019  I found other things to amuse me during the year. I watched them assemble the pre-fab West Campus Parking Structure, very impressive. I read or re-read all of the Edward Marsden Railway Detective novels (17 books). I re-read a number of the Freeman Wills Crofts Inspector French Mystery Novels. I started driving to Milroy PA (20 miles) occasionally to try out my car navigation and eat at Arby's (we lost our Arby's a few years ago).

Give me a call and let me know what you're up to.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,