Central PA Festival of the Arts

16 July 2022

aaa 2016 CPFAbThis year's gang

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aaa IMG 20220716 085446633 BURST001

The corner Room menu was seriously reduced. No Scrapple! They did still have Sticky Buns.

aaa IMG 20220716 091742923

No sand sculpture this year! (see previous years sculptures)

af00 IMG 20220716 114638141 HDR

Still lots of cranes in SC. These are for the new engineering buildings in West Campus.

aaa IMG 20220716 124859747 HDR

New admin offices where the bag house used to be.

aaa IMG 20220716 125633220 HDR


Had to buy extra art to make up for two lost years. (and it was more expensive)

A IMG 20220718 082841188


A IMG 20220718 082906219