57th Annual

Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

15 July 2023


 The quiet before the storm...

before 1 IMG 20230715 085157107 HDRbefore 2 IMG 20230715 085314466 HDRbefore 3 IMG 20230715 085319649 HDRbefore 4 IMG 20230715 085329402 HDRbefore 5 IMG 20230715 085416560There were some surprises this year. The Corner Room where we usually meet for breakfast was CLOSED at 09:00 when thy should have opened at 08:00. So we ended up at Irving's eating Bagel breakfast sandwiches. No sticky buns, no scrappel.

breakfast IMG 20230715 091842532The show begins...

begin 1 IMG 20230715 094852008 HDRbegin 2 IMG 20230715 100017180Another surprise. No sand sculpture AGAIN!

no sand IMG 20230715 110327380 HDR

Crowd at mid day.

mid day IMG 20230715 120529410 HDR

Chip Arnold from Webster (Rochester) at the Fest again.

chip a IMG 20230715 113449663 HDRThe cranes are still there (West campus new Engineering Buildings.)

cranes IMG 20230715 114216885 HDRThe Art purchases. All artists had never been to Arts Fest. No records broken this year. Mug on the right was expensive but did not exceed last years record.

art IMG 20230716 073018272