Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:

And Christmas comes once more…… The post Covid pandemic comeback continues. Some Restaurants were lost forever. We got a new brick oven pizza place in the abandoned TGI-Fridays. Marzoni’s Brick Oven & Brewing Co. They have five locations in the central PA area

My recovered website is: . This was a slightly more active year so there is more on the site.

Once again there was a No Fourth Fest. I did go to Arts Fest. I had to hire a HS kid to push me up the hills. I’m no longer strong enough to do that. The normal breakfast spot (The Corner Room) was not open so we went to Irving’s.


 breakfast IMG 20230715 091842532
 darrel IMG 20230510 173702684  One of my college roommates at RIT, Darrell, was in town for a conference. We got together for dinner. The first time I say him in 40 yrs!

No family birthday party for Hunter in April or Fletcher in August.  My Cousin Jill and her daughter organized a family reunion. So I got to see 2 of my 3 siblings and some nephews and grandnieces/nephews. My car turned 3 yrs old and got the first chance to leave the state (to Hockessin, DE). It was a S.M.E.R.F. reunion: Stalzer, Misner, Elgart, Richardson, Fox

I discovered that my car GPS completely fails if there is no cell coverage. My cousin’s house in Hockessin, DE had zero bars and the car navigation depends on access to the internet!

There was Grange Fair and Ag Progress Days. We did have an actual live HAM picnic.

 c1 IMG 0453 2
 tk me IMG 20231123 124716126 BURST001

 The Thanksgiving buffet at the Penn Stater Hotel was back to normal this year, but still with fewer diners. This was the first year with new management owning the hotels. The food was great as usual. The Desert was outstanding.

I discovered that when your house is 15 yrs old stuff starts to break. My garage door broke twice stranding me outside or inside the house. Central PA dock and Door bailed me out both times. My fridge leaked water. It took 3 visits to fix.palm IMG 20230412 162217796
Turns out you cannot get replacement parts after 10 yrs

I got a new toy this year, a lighted palm tree.

  I added to my collection of coffee mugs. Three hand made from Arts Fest and one that  will be a collectors item in years to come!  art IMG 20230716 073018272  trump mug IMG 20230909 144716349 BURST001 


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