2022 Projects

I had an Android Phone battery swell and open the phone. I tried to repair it. Ordered the wrong replacement battery. Had to wait months for the correct battery. It was fixed and "mostly" works.

IMG 20220721 071653875

I built a current sensor torrid to determine when the hot water recirculating pump was on. Sent a signal via cheap remote controls to an LED

IMG 20220509 143456579

Then added a temperature sensor to see what the temp was at the water faucet. Temp was sent Arduino to Arduino via Bluetooth.

IMG 20221003 075214876


I dug out a giant Burrows (B7971) Nixie tube I had for years. It did not operate to spec. (It took >450 volts to light, should have been 180.)

IMG 20221105 072911103

Bought a "new old stock tube" on line. It had a hole in it. got a refund. Bought another tube and built a "Flashy thing" using an Arduino. (MS Office pix editor does strange things when you rotate a pix) This is the letter "D".

 R IMG 20221128 175546871


Flashy Thing short video link